A wildfire is burning along Germany and Czech Republic border in Saxon Switzerland National Park.  The fire burned more than 60 hectares of forest. 

The village of Hřensko was evacuated, and some houses already burned down. Disaster emergency level for Bad Schandau and Sebnitz to prepare for possible evacuations but only a small area of Sächsische Schweiz affected so far. The large smoke plume caused pollution in Dresden. Firefighters in the Czech Republic say they might get the fire under control today. The fire seems to be spreading into Germany in Bad Schandau. A total of 254 emergency services are on scene to contain the fire.

A total of three wildfire events are currently active across Germany. For more detail follow the link.

Bad Schandau wildfire july 2022
The forest fire that broke out in the Czech Republic has also worsened on the German side (credit: https://www.landratsamt-pirna.de/waldbrand-saechsischen-schweiz-27009.html ).

This is a famous touristic place hence the authorities advised the tourists to avoid visiting the Sächsische Schweiz area.