The destruction of this scale brought by the devastating floods was never seen before in Pakistan. The death toll tops 1000, with 33 million people displaced.

Flood situation in Sindh, Pakistan
The situation flooded the southern Sindh province of Pakistan. Photograph: Hamza Shehzad

As a result of monsoon rains that triggered extreme flooding in a large part of Pakistan, the government has declared an emergency. Rescuers are having difficulty rescuing thousands of stranded people from flood-affected areas of Pakistan. The provinces of Balochistan and Sindh are the ones affected worst. Social media videos showed bridges, roads, and buildings wiped away by the raging and growling flood water and people fleeing their dwellings.

Flood situation in Nowshehra 2022
Across Pakistan, at least 500,000 homes have been damaged, roads have been washed away, and ongoing floods have destroyed nearly 150 bridges. Photograph: Muhammad Bilal

Glacial outbursts, cloud bursts, and intense precipitation were the triggering factors for high water flows, flash floods, and debris flows in different areas, which amassed into an inundation of water in several water channels and over the plains of the country. The geological formation of the northern regions is young, which is why the intensified erosional regime there is. The triggering factors played a role and brought havoc in the country’s northern areas.

A mosque submerged in flood water in Nowshehra 2022
Flood water submerged a mosque in Nowshehra, Pakistan. Photograph: Muhammad Bilal

The national government, provincial governments with the country’s armed forces, and different social welfare organizations, for instance, the Alkhidmat foundation, carry out rescue and relief operations in the flood-affected areas. All the state machinery, including helicopters, civil service officers, and rescue personnel, are on-site for rescue missions. The NDMA officials receive the first flight of UAE relief airbridge to support flood affectees. The UK government has announced £1.5 million of humanitarian aid for Pakistan. The Turkish government sends two planes carrying relief goods for the flood victims. For online donations to flood-affected people,

visit the Al Khidmat Foundation website. More details about the flood in Pakistan can be seen here.