A wildfire is burning District Elbe-Elster in Brandenburg. The fire started on July 25 and as of today, the fire burns more than 800 hectares of forest. 

The local communities of Kölsa and Rehfeld were evacuated. Evacuation has been planned for Marxdorf as well. So far, one pig farm has burned down and many pigs have died. The Railway traffic between Leipzig and Cottbus was also disrupted. firefighters are trying hard to contain the fire. As a result, Seven firefighters have already been injured. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

A Smaller fire (60 ha) is also reported in Northern Brandenburg near Gransee.

Recent wildfires in Germany

There were more than 50 wildfires raging this month in Germany destroying thousands of acres of forests as the drought intensifies. Among them, a major forest fire broke out in Sundern-Stemel. In Stemel, a large forest area that was difficult for the firefighter to access was on fire. The Sundern wildfire was over 0.05 sqkm. According to the reports, a total of 10 people were injured across Germany. More details can be found here.

Wildfires across germany 2022
A total of 50 wildfires errupted across Germany in july with Sundern-Stemel being the most affected region.