The Ya’an earthquake in Sichuan Province, southwest China occurred at around 5 p.m. local time on June 1st, 2022. It has triggered landslides in the area. Hence, several people were killed and dozens injured, as reported by Chinese news outlets. We classify the landslide type as rockslides, mudslides, and rockfalls. The rockfall plagued the whole region after the earthquake. Therefore, these landslides hampered most of the relief operations. Moreover, a period of heavy precipitation up to 100mm on May 13 and 14, 2022 (, may also have had a contributing role in causing these mudslides. The time gap between the heavy precipitation and the occurrence of the landslides allows enough time for water seepage in shallow soil. As a consequence, the saturation of the soil causes these shallow landslides in the region.

A damaged vehicle by rockfall as the earthquake shakes Lushan County on June 1, 2022.

A car is damaged by the landslide rubble (mudflow & rockslide) after an earthquake on June 1, 2022, in Lushan County, Ya’a City, China’s Sichuan Province.

The landslide was on a monitoring camera and shared via The Beijing News Twitter page.